Doctor Aborts “Wrong Baby”…

This story is sickening on so many levels:
“Sarasota doctor’s license revoked for aborting wrong fetus”

The basics (for those of you who don’t click through to the story)? A husband and wife had conceived twins through in vitro fertilization. Tests showed that one of the two had the markers for Down Syndrome. A Florida OB-GYN agreed to selectively terminate the pregnancy for the Down’s Syndrome child. In the process of doing so, he inadvertently injected the healthy child with a killing chemical and terminated the “wrong” child’s life.

How sick has our society become that we see the tragedy here that the “wrong” child was aborted?

How sick is it that statistics now show 80-90% of children diagnosed in utero as likely to have Down’s Syndrome are now aborted?

Life has apparently never been worth less. Though society supposedly abhors euthanasia, I wonder how long it will be before that too is acceptable. After all, if it’s okay to kill a Down’s Syndrome kid in the womb (late in the 2nd trimester), why not take the next step and allow the same after birth?

God help us. Our society is sick beyond belief.

(For more on this particular story, check out Al Mohler’s blog.)

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  1. April 16, 2010

    Yeah … the worst they’d call it is “malpractice”.

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