The Blogging Bug

I’ve been bitten by something. No, I don’t have an itchy welt anywhere. I’m not swelling up or needing to see a doctor.

It’s the blogging bug.

I don’t know what triggered it. I’m not sure it really matters.

But it’s there again.

The last two or three years? Hardly. But it’s back now. So you’ll probably see a LOT more writings from me online again, both here, and over at our Just 1 Ministries site.

I have no illusions that most of what I share is of life-changing impact to the maybe three people who still read this site from time to time. I’d like to think that it makes a difference to you somehow, but looking back (and forward for that matter), I didn’t start this site over six years ago with a marketing plan, a target audience, or anything of the like… I wrote because I felt God laying certain things on my heart as I studied His word, and wanted to spray them out there on the web for whomever He decided to send my way.

So that’s a bit of what’s happening again.

Moreso, though, I feel I’ve got something to say again. With Just 1, it’s obvious… Nancy and I have 15 orphans who we’re trying to help. And that’s worth writing about if ever there were anything.


I’ve got Scripture passages I’d like to write about. Three awesome kids that I know the grandparents and aunts would like to read about. Politics that I could rant about for days (okay, so maybe I SHOULDN’T write about that). Sports.

Who knows what I’ll find to write about from one day to the next.

Whatever the case, I feel like the words are flowing readily again. And I feel like they need an outlet.

Might as well make use of this place, huh?

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