Chicks 4 Orphans!

With Orphan Sunday coming up, Nancy and I thought it would be very cool to involve our kids in an orphan care project. We’ve spent some time thinking about and researching options, and with the help of our youngest daughter, Allison (she’s five!), we’ve got a plan.

It’s called “Chicks 4 Orphans”!

All credit goes to Allison. When she heard, “Chicks 4 Orphans”, she got VERY excited. After we told her more about what “Chicks 4 Orphans” does, she promptly exclaimed, “I want to do that!”

We sure wish we could claim credit for the idea of “Chicks 4 Orphans”… we LOVE the concept. Fact is, it’s not our idea. Chicks 4 Orphans is a sustainable poultry farming business of Every Orphan’s Hope. Through Chicks 4 Orphans, the good folks at Every Orphan’s Hope buy day-old chicks, raise them for six weeks, and sell them in communities devastated by HIV/AIDS. All proceeds help to provide care for orphans and widows in Zambia.

It’s a great concept… one we fully support.

So here’s the deal… our kids (Allison especially) are essentially giving you the opportunity to “sponsor” chicks for $4.00 / each to support Chicks 4 Orphans. If you see Jeffrey, Jenna, or Allison at church, school, in the community, wherever… we want you to support them. Sign up with them to “sponsor” a chick. Give them $4.00 for every chick you want to “sponsor”. Help make a difference in the lives of orphans in Zambia.

If you’re not local to the St. Joseph area, we don’t want that to stop you. Feel free to send money our way for the chicks you’d like to sponsor. Checks can be made out to “Nancy Stickley”, and sent to us at our Just 1 mailing address:

     Just 1 Ministries
     P.O. Box 8585
     St. Joseph, MO 64508

Once we receive the donations, we’ll gather everything given and forward it to Every Orphan’s Hope.

If you feel better giving to them directly, that’s certainly fine too. Checks should be made out to “Every Orphan’s Hope”, and may be mailed to the following address:

     Every Orphan’s Hope
     3245 West Main Street
     Suite 235/332
     Frisco, TX 75034

Thanks so much for helping our kids to make a difference. They truly can’t do it without you!

Reposted from “Chicks 4 Orphans”, over at our ministry site, Just 1 Ministries.

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