The Winds of Change (revisited)

blowing-treeBack in November, I shared a post on this site entitled, “The Winds of Change”. Election night had just passed, and we had just re-elected a president whose social views are radically different from years past, one who ran on a platform of “hope” and “change” in his first term, one who presided over some of the most difficult economic changes of our times. Re-election in such circumstances was unprecedented. Quite honestly, I was somewhat in shock.

But not by his re-election.

I found myself somewhat shocked at the realization of just how quickly the winds of change were blowing in this nation, in our culture, in our world. I reflected upon what this meant for the follower of Christ. How should we respond?

This morning during my commute, I heard the song I quoted in that article once again: “The Winds of Change”, by Scorpions.

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
In the wind of change.

The song, quite simply, is beautiful. It reflects the optimism of the time, and certainly brings many fond memories of the hope I saw for the future.

It’s that point that I began to reflect upon.


When I was 13 years old and that song came out, I recall a time where optimism about the future seemed the norm. Where anything was possible. A world awaited where my generation was free to pursue all of their dreams.

I have to wonder, where is that optimism today?

Is it still there? Is hope still rampant? Or are the changes we continue to see in the world killing our outlook toward the future?

When we look at social change and shake our heads?

When we watch our politicians, amazed at the division and apparent lack of focus on what’s good for our nation?

When we are bombarded by a steady stream of bad news from our 24/7 media?

When the social media we surround ourselves with encourages constant disappointment when we compare our everyday to everyone else’s highlight reels?

When we look at world events, and even our own nation to see economic calamity, and question the security of our future?

When hurt and pain seems to be invading everyone’s lives, and there simply are no easy answers?

I don’t know. With all of the things in this world that seem so negative, I can’t help but wonder…

Are the winds of change now blowing destructively against the outlook of optimism, or have the sands of time simply changed my view?

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