We’re NOT in Control

As human beings, we really do like to think we’re in control of everything. Our career paths. Our families. Our finances.

Yes, even our faith.

But we’re not. Not even close.

Only God is sovereign. Only He knows all of what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

Doesn’t absolve us of responsibility for making good decisions, of being good stewards of everything He’s given us… time, talents, money, decisions, etc. But there will ALWAYS be circumstances and situations utterly outside our control.

We received a big reminder of that today:


Yep, that’s our van. While sitting innocently at a intersection, two vehicles violently collided in front of us. The silver Traverse you see in the photo smashed in our front bumper, and gave all of us a big jolt we weren’t expecting.

It happened in slow motion (don’t all events like this?).

I was sitting in the driver’s seat, stopped at the red light. Nancy and I were having a good chat with the five kids in the back (ours and two friends). Everyone was having a good time, looking forward to a fun lunch together. We’d had a great morning at church… my best in probably four months.


I’m shocked into attention, and spot a silver Mercury flying in front of us left to right. I have no idea where it had come from.

I see the silver Traverse had spun towards us. Collision imminent.

I considered throwing the van into reverse. Nowhere to go… there was someone behind me.

I yelled to Nancy and the kids. “HOLD ON!!!”

I grabbed the steering wheel firmly. Stepped on the brake as hard as I could.


I turned to my family. “Everyone okay?”

I hopped out, knowing our part of the collision was minor. I ran to the door of the Traverse. Checked on the passengers, who were piling out. They seemed shaken, but okay.

I looked over toward the Mercury. It was a mess… a kid practically fell out of the driver’s seat. Blood pouring down his forehead from some good cuts.

Injured, but okay.

People were coming from everywhere to the scene. Police had been called.

I double-checked my family. Still okay. Made a few calls.

Police and ambulance arrived. The scene was replayed in everyone’s mind. Questions swirled. Organized chaos.

As I sit here tonight, I replay the scene in my mind. Nothing could be done differently. We were innocent bystanders, and our whole day changed in an instant.

My safe driving didn’t matter. Our plans for the day… out the window.

Any control I thought I had… gone.

As if it were ever truly there.

I guess that’s the point of all this, if there is one.

We’re NOT in control, no matter how much we like to think so. Life is fleeting, and can be taken from us in an instant… whether we’re ready or not. As Scripture says:

James 4:14, ESV
What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.

I don’t mean to be dramatic, but seriously… do you ever realize what little control you really have? How you live by faith moment by moment that nothing outside our miniscule window of control enters the picture and throws our perfectly planned lives into chaos?

And if you live by faith, what are you placing your faith in?

Is your object of faith worthy? Is your object of faith reliable? Is your object of faith in control at all?

Worth thinking about, because you’re not, and neither am I.

Personally, I can be okay with that. Then again, I know where my faith lies, and I know that He IS reliable.

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