Round Here

Over the past couple months, the song “Round Here” has been in my head. A lot.

(Note: the version by Counting Crows, not that country band. Ugh.)

It’s a hauntingly beautiful ballad (if that’s the right term)… a tragic story of a woman who seems to be dying inside. Losing hope, and crying out for help. The singer in the song, struggling with her pain, and ultimately her apparent loss.

Have a listen for yourself.

Have you considered all the people around you who are struggling?

People who might be tired of life?

People who can’t see anything but hurt?

People that need you to catch them when they’re falling?

Will you?

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Husband, Daddy, Christ-follower, sports fan... pressing on toward the goal for which God has called me heavenward in Christ. #ForeverRoyal!

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