Plunging for Landon

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s quite a trend here in northwest Missouri. People everywhere are going out to cold bodies of water, and jumping in.

It’s not insanity (though it may appear that way)… it’s a good cause.

Plunging for Landon.

You see, Landon Shaw is a baby boy from Tarkio, Missouri, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Donations are being given to support the family during this extremely difficult time, but there’s a catch.

You jump in a cold pond, lake, pool, or other body of water, then challenge some friends to donate. If they follow through, you give to the cause. They, in turn, repeat the cycle.

The idea went viral. Thousands of people have taken the plunge, and yes… inevitably it came across to me, courtesy of one of my closest friends, Micah Fries. He’s donating $10 for me to do it.

I tried to buy him off by agreeing to donate $50 if I didn’t have to, but as you can imagine, that’s just not the way this works. So yesterday afternoon… I did it.

I took the plunge (video below).

The upside of this?

I’ve just challenged three of my co-workers to Plunge for Landon as well. Mark Ramsey, John Kaiser, and Brannon Bischoff?

Take the plunge!

I’m donating $25 to the cause for each of you that does it.

More information on this fun event can be found on Facebook.

If you decide to take the plunge, or just to donate to the cause, here’s information for giving:

Flower Mill
606 Main Street
Tarkio, Missouri 64491

Checks should be written to Landon Shaw, with “Plunge for Landon” in the memo on the check. Probably wouldn’t hurt to note this on the envelope too!

PAYPAL can also be used with the following e-mail address: Note that you should NOT choose merchant when donating this way, choose “friends of family”.

Above all… be praying for baby Landon and his family. Cancer is hard enough when it’s an adult, but for a baby?

I can’t imagine.

Praying God’s blessings and comfort for you and your family, Landon!

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