My Last “Baptist Issues” Post

Just over nine years ago, the Baptist blogging scene exploded in response to IMB policy changes. Today, those changes were fixed.

The full story on all of this will probably never be told. I’m certainly not one to tell it in its entirety. But I was part of that early group of “blogging boys”, wading into the issue in November 2005 and blogging far too regularly on the topic over a couple years. I even attended my one and only SBC Annual Meeting at Greensboro in 2006 in response to the issue (an amazing experience I’ll never forget). I was blessed to witness SBC history.

MUCH has changed since that time, both in our convention and in my life. I honestly don’t follow SBC matters closely anymore (or even Missouri convention matters), nor am I active in the conversation. My focus is my family, my work, and the church plant where I’m blessed to serve.

At this news today, though, I can’t help but take time to reflect on the past. I read back through many of the posts I wrote back then (yes, it’s still on this site, just buried in archives). I’m a little embarrassed by some of it, sure. I was young, foolish, and thought blogging could change the world (and yes, some would argue that it did). My tone stunk at times as I tried to be provocative and help drive conversation. But all in all, the bright spots far outweigh the dark.

I don’t write this post to claim victory, claim influence in this, or anything of the sort. This post is almost wholly reflective. At the news of these changes, it feels like a bit of closure to a part of my life I thought I’d left behind. My “Baptist blogging” days brought great joy at times, a lot of frustration and pain, and a whole lot of spiritual growth. But what means most to me is simple; the connections with people that I’m blessed to consider friends despite our distance.

For me, today definitely brings many thoughts on the past, but reality is that this is about the future. I am VERY thankful for IMB President David Platt and for the changes the Board of Trustees implemented that will help advance the gospel throughout the world through IMB missionary efforts. I am excited that these changes help open the door wider for Southern Baptists to work cooperatively to spread the gospel.

So today, let’s look forward to the Kingdom work yet to be done through the IMB and through Southern Baptist cooperation. Let’s pray that God sends more workers to spread the good news. Let’s pray that the fields they go to work in will be prepared for harvest. Let’s pray that millions of lives will be changed through an encounter with Jesus.

Let’s go… to the ends of the earth!

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