Christmas Miracle?

If you’re a parent of multiple kids, you know what it’s like.

Going anywhere, doing anything… it’s a struggle (at best).

Kids arguing. Whining. Throwing fits. I don’t wanna’s. “He hit me first!” “She’s sitting on my side!”

And people wonder why dads have gray hair, if they’re lucky enough to have hair at all (partially guilty on both counts).

Yesterday, the stars aligned and the heavens parted. I could almost swear I heard a hallelujah chorus.

Expectations were low going into yesterday. The kids had dental appointments in Kansas City. We had some shopping to do (at multiple stores). This meant we’d likely be out late enough to necessitate a restaurant. And thanks to our minivan being temporarily out of commission (hey, you might let it sit too if you had a $2,500 repair facing you), that meant the kids would be travelling in our jeep. Crammed three across in the backseat.

Even at ages 8, 10, and 13, you know that’s a recipe for disaster.

Except it wasn’t.

No whining or fussing. Only minimal fighting (good natured and short lived at that). No complaints about where we went to eat.

And, believe it or not (especially if you know my kids), there were Christmas songs, sung by all three. In unison. In harmony (if you can call the joyous noise that). Some real, sure… but most made up on the spot based off the song titles SiriusXM displayed. A real Elf-like Christmas cheer explosion.

And when we got home?

Yep. They all went upstairs and played Legos together. After eight hours of being in public, eating out shopping, traveling side by side, the kids were still happy to be with each other.

I can’t explain it. I’m still flabbergasted.

Yeah I know… we didn’t have a new star shining in the night, no multitude of angels heralding news to shepherds, not even a stinky animal to be seen anywhere, let alone a manger scene.

But it was a Christmas miracle if ever I’ve seen one.

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