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One of the non-negotiables for us as a family is to share dinner together. With rare exceptions, each night we all sit down around the kitchen table to share a meal.

The blessing of this time is the conversation (well, the food too… Nancy is an amazing cook!). After a quick dinner prayer, we have an opportunity every night to connect with the kids. Sometimes with more success than others, obviously.

Tonight was a night for laughter. Uncontrollable laughter. Certainly not the direction we expected.

Nancy started our conversation tonight with a question for the family: what is the biggest thing God has ever done in your life?

Now in a community group setting, you’d hear some deep stuff in response to this. Perhaps you’d hear the story of how God saved someone from a seriously messed-up life. Or maybe the way God came through in healing a sick family member. Maybe even the way God provided finances in one’s darkest hour.

Not at our table. While there were a couple things shared (which will remain private), the conversation devolved quickly.

Within five minutes the kids were discussing fart rocket animals while cackling at the top of their lungs.

I have no idea how it happened.

I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I joined right in the laughter.

(Admit it, you’re laughing now too.)

The blessing of the evening is the same. Whether we discuss deep topics close to the heart and have opportunities to mold our children, or whether we simply laugh our heads off together, this time matters immensely.

Because it’s our chance to connect.

Even through an absurd story about rainbow-tooting flying fart rocket unicorns.

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