For the past three hours, I’ve been glued to television. The Ferguson verdict came in. No indictment for officer Wilson. Michael Brown’s family and supporters, crushed with disappointment at perceived injustice.

I don’t know the facts. There was a Grand Jury investigation, and no charges were filed. I am forced to trust that their decision was just. It’s possible it was not.

Perhaps it really doesn’t matter.

Whatever the case, rioting, looting, and violence are now rampant on the streets of Ferguson. There are fires burning unchecked. Shots being fired.

Lives being ruined.

And protests. In city after city. Interstates being shut down.

I don’t know how to process it.

This seems to be one of those events that will forever be burned into memory, along the lines of the Challenger disaster, the Rodney King verdict and riots, the events of 9/11. It’s all kind of surreal to me. I don’t have words to explain the swirling thoughts and emotions.

All I know to do is pray.

Because these images… this broken world… God help us.