The Sound of Silence

The past few mornings as I’ve driven into work, it’s been completely silent.

No talk radio. No music. No iPod.

Just me, the sound of the Explorer, and the sound of the road.

It’s a time where my mind is allowed to wander freely. And it goes LOTS of places.

I think about Nancy.
I think about my kids.
I think about work.
I think about the future at work.
I think about projects going on at work, and things I should be doing.
I think about recent experiences.
I think about people I should be praying for.
I reflect on God’s work.
About where we should go to church.
About how we can serve.
I think about St. Joseph Christian.
I find music playing in my head.
I reflect on things I’ve read recently.
I think about things I’d like to do.
I think about friends.
I reflect on the past.
I wonder about the future.

The list goes on and on and on.

Turns out, the sound of silence is anything but quiet.

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Husband, Daddy, Christ-follower, sports fan... pressing on toward the goal for which God has called me heavenward in Christ. #ForeverRoyal!

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